Dairy Eats is an emerging dairy brand based in Coimbatore. We are health driven product manufacturers mainly aim to deliver pure and original products for health conscious individuals. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle then we might be an ideal choice for your paneer needs! *Currently, we serve in Coimbatore only

Why Dairy Eats?

Everyone wants a classy lifestyle, but have you ever thought of a healthy lifestyle? It's a no, bitterly! This thought made us bring you all a brand new homemade and organic dairy brand called Dairy Eats.

  • Purely Homemade (Our paneer is made from farm fresh milk)
  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Adulteration
  • Health is our Priority
  • We Start Preparing Once We Received the Order (So, kindly order a day before)


We strive to provide you with a real product instead of offering a fake one. We respect your money and health. Your every benny should give you a constructive healthy lifestyle. Our sincere advice to all the people is ‘’Don't cost your health for adulterated and cheap products". So, no more processed Paneer. Let’s switch to pure and homemade Paneer.

A smart era is upon us.. Let's choose wisely and be healthy!